Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Massachusetts

Local air conditioning repair and installation service
AC workers installing a unit

Get air conditioning install and repair from the local professionals.

Our reliable and experienced HVAC technicians can repair any type of mechanical fault. We have experience installing and repairing AC units of varying sizes, from standard size residential units to large scale rooftop commercial units. We know nothing is worse than a broken air conditioner, so we are here to make sure your AC is running smoothly so your remain comfortable!

Residential Repair or New Installation

Outdoor Condensers

The experts at Gervais Mechanical can help diagnose and repair issues to your outdoor condenser.

Cooling Towers

Gervais Mechanical can diagnose issues, provide repairs, and even install a new cooling tower when necessary.

Air Conditioning Repair

Gervais offers top-notch air conditioning system installation, repair and maintenance in Massachusetts for home central air and high-efficiency commercial (HVAC) systems.

Furnaces / Air Handlers

New smart technology air handlers condition and circulate the air in your home at various speeds based on your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

Mini Splits – Ductless

For heating and cooling, ductless units can turn your entire New England home, a room, or a zone into a place of comfort.

Air Duct Cleaning & Sealing

Air duct cleaning is a great way to remove harmful bacteria, dust, dander, pollen, lint, and many other contaminates from your home’s air duct.