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Radiant Heater Installation & Repair in Central Massachusetts

Massachusetts winters can be brutal. That’s why you need a reliable heat source to keep your home warm all season long. Homeowners throughout Middlesex County—including Acton, Ashland, Franklin, and Fitchburg—rely on the licensed technicians at Gervais Mechanical Services LLC for all their heating needs, such as installation, maintenance, and repairs for radiant heaters and other equipment. Thanks to its efficiency and reliability, radiant heat can keep every room in your Bay State home cozy without the hassle and drawbacks of forced air systems.

What Is a Radiant Heater?

A radiant heater can be either a wall-mounted unit or a series of cables or tubes that deliver heat directly to your home’s floors, walls, or ceiling.
These systems warm rooms via infrared radiation. Heat transfers from the surface to the air, which warms people and things in the room. It’s similar to how you feel warmth from the sun when you go outside.

Many homeowners in Central Massachusetts choose radiant floor heating or a water radiator heater, which allows warmth to circulate the room. The heat source is either electric or hydronic. Electric heat comes from cables embedded in the floor while hydronic heat comes from water heated by a boiler flowing through the tubes in the floor.

In addition to cost-effectiveness, radiant heat helps maintain indoor air quality because it doesn’t blow air around your home — and the contaminants and allergens it contains. You also don’t need to worry about duct loss, which accounts for a significant portion of wasted energy in the average household.

6 Signs Your Radiant Heater Needs Service

Although radiant heaters are incredibly reliable when they receive regular maintenance, they can develop problems that require professional attention. Some of the most common signs of a problem in your Arlington, MA, home include:

  1. Performance issues. The radiator takes a long time to heat your space or doesn’t produce as much heat as it should.
  2. Energy bill increases. A sudden spike in heating bills could mean the heater is working harder to produce heat.
  3. Unusual sounds. Banging, rattling, hissing, booming, and screeching are all signs of trouble with the system.
  4. Odd odors. Gas smells or the scent of something burning indicates your unit needs service.
  5. Uneven heating. If some rooms or sections of rooms are colder than others, the radiant heat system could be malfunctioning.
  6. Water leaks. Wet spots, stains, and other signs of a leak under the floor or water coming from the radiator need professional attention.

Scheduling regular maintenance with the radiant heating experts at Gervais Mechanical Services LLC will help prevent most of these issues and ensure your home remains warm.

Our Heating Services

Gervais Mechanical Services LLC is the go-to heating company in Central Massachusetts. In addition to providing radiant heater installation, repairs, and maintenance, our team also works on:

Whether you need help taking care of your existing system, an inspection and diagnosis for repairs, or want to upgrade to a new energy-efficient solution for your Boston-area home, we’re here to help. With best-in-class services and name-brand equipment, you can trust our team for reliable heating services.
Our service doesn’t stop there. When you choose Gervais Mechanical Solutions LLC, you also get access to:

  • Convenient service plans. Invest in an affordable service plan to take advantage of discounted parts and services, free maintenance, and peace of mind knowing you can get help when you need it.
  • Competitive warranties. Enjoy a five-year parts and labor warranty on all installations.
  • Financing options. From loans to payment plans, we offer affordable financing options so you get the equipment and service you need when you need it without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Regular Radiant Heater Maintenance

The key to keeping your radiant heater in good condition is performing routine maintenance. Regular system service from a professional technician—which includes an inspection, cleaning, and adjustments to prevent mechanical issues—can improve energy efficiency and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

We recommend scheduling an annual cleaning and system tune-up in the fall to ensure your heat works reliably all winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you control radiant heat?

You can control radiant heat using a standard thermostat. Many homeowners choose Wi-Fi-controlled smart thermostats or models with a remote control so they can manage the temperature from any seat in the house.

Are there any drawbacks to radiant heat?

Installing radiant floors works best for new construction projects, as you must remove existing flooring to install the system. Traditional radiators take up space in the room and can affect the floor plan and furniture arrangements.

Is a radiant heater better than a space heater?

In terms of warming your entire home, radiant heaters are a better option than space heaters. Space heaters warm small areas temporarily, and because they require air currents to move heat around, they can be noisy, send dust into the room, and use more energy.

Can you split radiant floor heat into zones?

It’s possible to install zones, such as separate zones for each room or several in one large room, by installing separate systems. However, the temperature will likely equalize throughout your home, making the expense of multiple systems unnecessary.

What kind of flooring is best for radiant floor heating?

Porcelain and ceramic tile conduct heat most efficiently, so rooms warm up faster. They also hold heat longer, so rooms stay warmer. Avoid solid wood floors or carpets.

We Deliver Superior Heating Services to Central Massachusetts Residents

When you want to upgrade your home heating system to an energy-efficient and reliable radiant heater or need maintenance or repairs for an existing system, choose Gervais Mechanical Services LLC—Central Massachusetts’ trusted heating contractor. Schedule an appointment online, or call (888) 557-6616 to speak with one of our team members. We’ll deliver the high-quality service you deserve.


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