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What is High-Efficiency Energy Equipment?

High-efficiency energy equipment is a term given to describe equipment that is using less energy to perform the same function. Purchasing high-efficiency energy equipment is one of the fastest and easiest ways to lower energy consumption and save money. By lowering energy use, high-efficiency energy equipment reduces monthly energy bills and makes energy more affordable for families.  

How can high-efficiency energy equipment help you cut your bill? 

Many products, homes, and buildings use more energy than they need through operational inefficiencies and simple wastefulness. Homeowners can reduce these inefficiencies by analyzing their own energy consumption and making adjustments, as needed. Modifications such as converting to high-efficiency home heating systems, for example, can dramatically reduce energy consumption. By lowering energy use, monthly energy bills go down. This makes energy more affordable for all. 

Savings add up over time

The savings may not be immediately apparent as some energy-efficient products cost more than standard ones, but they generally save you money over the long term. For example, an energy-efficient electric heat pump water heater could cost several hundred dollars more than a standard electric water heater. However, it can end up saving you thousands over the life time of the equipment. Thus, the higher purchase price is more than offset by the ongoing monthly savings. However, to some, this initial purchase price may be too much to bear. 

Take advantage of rebates and discounts

To address this, many utilities offer rebates and discounts. A heat pump water heater, for example may offer a rebate or discount ranging from $25 to $1000. Find out more information regarding rebates and other discounts here. 

Energy costs can make up a significant portion of a homeowner’s budget. Withenergy efficient appliances and equipment, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you can save anywhere from 5% to 30% on your utility bills. This savings is simply a result of energy efficiency without any impact on performance or quality. It is an easy way to save money every month.  

Additionally, you can feel good about the environmental impact you will make. By reducing energy consumption, you will reduce the need of energy produced from fossil fuels. This will help reduce carbon emission, pollution, other hazards that effect the overall health of the planet and all who live on it. 

What are the top 5 benefits of high-efficiency energy equipment? 

Whether your reason to pursue energy conservation is economic, environmental, or something else, the benefits of energy efficiency abound. Here are the top five reasons why energy efficiency is important for your home: 

 1. Lower Utility Bills 

High-energy efficient products can offer up to 30% savings on utility bills.  

2. Environmentally Friendly  

Reduction in energy consumption will lower the need for fossil fuels, helping to sustain the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

3. Improve the Comfort of your Home 

You can improve your family’s comfort and quality of your homelife throughhigh-efficiency heating and cooling systems as well as other appliances. Efficient heating and cooling allow for more affordable heating and cooling. Therefore, a more comfortable home temperature is a result. Highly efficient equipment can also reduce buildup of indoor pollutants which promotes optimal air quality. 

4. Higher Return on Investment 

Even though high-energy efficiency equipment is typically more expensive initially, the monthly savings you will see on your utility bill will help you to save more than you could ever save with the conventional and non-efficient products.  

5. Increase in Property Value 

A highly efficient heating system can increase the value of the property. If you are planning to sell your home, know that energy optimization has become something prospective homeowners look for when purchasing a home. In fact, energy-efficient homes tend to sell for a higher price than similar, less efficient properties. 

Energy optimization means maximizing the way you use energy in your home or business. This goes beyond simply using less energy by turning off your lights or lowering the temperature during the winter months. It is about expanding energy efficiency overall.  

Gervais Mechanical has a fully dedicated team to help you decide the most energy efficient solution for your home or business. As Mass Save partners, we can also help you take advantage of the best rebates available to you and assist with that process. Contact us today and see what our team can do for you.

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