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Is it Time to Purchase a Ductless Mini-Split Heating and Cooling System?

Mini-split systems are ideal to add as supplemental ductless heat systems to hot water, electric heat, radiant panels or an additional heat source for natural gas and oil. They’re also a good way to add supplemental heating and cooling for homes that don’t have the abiity to add ductwork in attics, room additions, garages and more.

The mini split system is a unit that is installed outside and a wall-mounted indoor unit (floor and ceiling units are also available) —is frequently referred to as a mini-split heat and cooling pump is installed inside. What’s nice about a mini-split is that they are zoned systems that can heat and cool individual rooms and areas. And with energy costs rising, mini-splits are a nice addition to any home or business because they are zoned systems which contribute to better energy efficiency too.

Ductless HVAC systems offer numerous benefits. Mini-splits are installed easily, operate quietly and come in a range of sizes for the exact heating and cooling needed. In addition to being reliable ductless systems are reliable, able to heat and cool via the same unit and they can be controlled wirelessly.

And finally Massachusetts offers rebates on these units . Ask us about the Mass Saves programs available now or contact us to learn more about getting the mini-split system that is right for your business or home.

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