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Troubleshooting Tips for Residential HVAC Units


Caring for your HVAC system requires continually checking for signs of trouble. Never assume any slight hints of issues will automatically resolve themselves. If you notice any change in the operation of your HVAC unit, you should consult our experts to help you deduce the cause. Timely attention from a professional will save you the financial strain of repairs and replacements. A minor issue may get addressed at a smaller expense in comparison to a more complicated problem. Therefore, you need to learn how to identify the issues, avoid them, and when to call for expert assistance.

Maintain Clean Filters

For you to enjoy improved indoor air quality, you need to check the filters’ condition constantly. It’s recommendable after every three months to ensure your system does not continue to operate with a clogged filter. It would help if you kept some spare filters so that when the time comes to install a new one, you will not be in short supply. You should also ensure you buy quality filters that last the stipulated time. However, check for clogging or obstruction if you notice stuffiness or reduced airflow.

Clear the Debris

The outer part of your HVAC unit is essential since it determines the air supply you get indoors. Therefore, you need to continually ensure that there are leaves, branches, grass, or any obstruction near the unit. The presence of these items limits the amount of air and may also lead to unwanted items getting through the vents. With inadequate ventilation comes poor functioning, thus reducing indoor air quality.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat controls the temperature and should always be in good working condition. Ensure the batteries are working and that the room temperature corresponds to the setting on the thermostat. If you change the settings with no corresponding change in the temperature, you should consider calling us for professional assistance. We repair and replace thermostats to ensure you enjoy the desired comfort in your living space.

Confirm Proper Power Supply

At times HVAC units fail to work due to interference with the flow of electricity. If there is no blackout and your unit isn’t working, check if you have plugged in. However, if it is still unresponsive, you might have a wiring or circuit breaker issue. You can contact our experts to help you address the problem, especially if you do not have prior electrical training.

Clean the Vents and Ducts

When dust accumulates in the HVAC vents and passageways, you will experience a low-quality air supply. This may lead to increased allergic reactions due to the contaminated air. However, when you maintain clean vents, ducts, and registers, you will have cleaner air, and the unit will function optimally.


Proper maintenance of your HVAC unit will allow you to enjoy an extended system lifespan and fewer instances of repairs. Your loved ones will also enjoy quality indoor air quality and comfortable temperatures at all times.

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