Air Conditioning

Whether it’s a standard condenser or a mini split condenser we can serve you. Read more »

Mini Splits

You can save money off your energy bill click the picture to find out more. Read more »

Furnaces / Air Handler

Furnaces or air handlers – Read more »

High Efficient Boiler

Upgrade your current 80% efficient Boiler to a high 95% plus unit. You’ll be comfortable with price and temperature. Mass Rebates available. Read more »

Oil or Gas Boilers

Whether it’s oil or gas standard boiler we can help you repair or replace your current system. Read more »


It all begins with an idea. Looking to remodel your current bathroom or kitchen? At Gervais we install, repair and rough in any new plumbing fixture you could ask for. Read more »

Water Heaters

We service and install all types of water heaters Electric, Gas, Oil, or Storage tanks. Read more »

Air Purification / Air Quality

Do you have allergies? We can help provide clean, fresh air for your home. Read more »

With Mass Save, enjoy the benefits of energy efficient products and equipment and take advantage of the generous residential rebates and business incentives below.

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