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How Do You Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature?

A good mattress can help you get a good night’s sleep, but it’s only as good as the temperature in your bedroom. Most sleep experts recommend a temperature much cooler at night than you might expect because the body creates its own warmth. As your metabolism works to create a steady stream of activity all night long, the heat that escapes your body as the result builds up under the bed covers.

If it’s already too warm in your room, you’re roasting. If it’s too cold, you’re not warm enough. Learn how to find your perfect sleep temperature.

Start Out With Colder Temps

Set your thermostat to about 65 degrees at night. This may seem rather cold, especially in winter, but it’s the perfect starting point. If you are still sweating or too hot, you can decrease it by five degrees the following night. Just don’t dip below 50 degrees in winter or your pipes could freeze and burst!

It’s easier to start out colder because you can always add a blanket if you’re too cold. Conversely, you can remove a blanket if you’re too hot. This process may take a few days to find just the right bedtime temperature. However, once you find the right temperature, you can permanently set and program your thermostat for that temperature every night.

Sleeping Too Cold? Add a Blanket or Increase Temp Slowly

Sometimes people are too cold at night, no matter how warm it may be outside. If this is your issue, add a lightweight blanket on top of your bedding, or increase the temperature on your thermostat by a degree or two each night until you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that if there are other people in the house, they may sleep warmer than you and the adjustment solution will have to accommodate them too. 

A Programmable Thermostat Is Ideal

A very helpful tool to use when discovering your ideal sleep temperature is a programmable thermostat. Once you have the perfect temperature figured out, program your thermostat to automatically cool or heat at night to that temperature. That way you don’t forget to set it yourself and you can sleep in comfort.

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