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Benefits to Mass Save and how we can help

Mass Save has been growing over the past few years in Massachusetts. It is now a very powerful program with funding hundred’s of Millions to the people of the common wealth. There are the obvious pros to Mass Save of getting big rebates such as the new $10,000 elimination of fossil fuel rebates. There is a lot of controversy of weather technology is ready to accept that we can only rely on electric heat pumps as our only source of heating. Well Gervais Mechanical Services LLC. has the answer you have been waiting for. The simple answer is Yes and no let me explain no matter what company you choose to do your work hopefully you choose Gervais Mechanical! But if not it is very important you understand what going to only electric heat could mean. conventual condenser heat pumps not (mini splits Heat pumps) generally put out less heat than advertised for BTU’S for example 36,000 Btu heat pump (also know as 3 tons of cooling) only will generally put out about 32,000 BTU. In customer terms this would heat a 800 to 1000 square foot house (depending on manual J) typically at no lower than 25 farinhight. when the temperatures start to get colder you would need to consider supplemental heating (in some cases not all) such as electric coils. the only exception to this in most cases would be mini splits every brand rates different at lower temps on efficiency’s most leading brand names would be 100% efficient at around 5 to 0 degrees farinhight. It is very important that you understand what all this means before making a big purchase. The best rebate that we like from Mass Save is the integrated control rebate. You can get back $1,250 a ton in rebates and still keep your fossil fuel as back up. this option gives you the best of both worlds using clean energy and using fossil fuels when it gets very cold out.

Gervais Mechanical has a fully dedicated team to help all home owners walk through the steps weather its for financing or for there rebates. We are also Mass Save partners and can take the rebate off your bill so you do not need to wait for the money we sit on the rebate amount you get the savings instantly. So please fill out a web form or call to day and see what are fully trained team can do for you.

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